Xan from Baldur's Gate - Soundboard

Xan from Baldur’s Gate – Soundboard

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xan This is a soundboard for Xan from the classic Role Playing game on PC – Baldur’s Gate.

Xan is an elven enchanter with a morbidly depressed personality.

His is voiced by Jeff Benett (who also provides the voice for Quayle and Drizzt Do’Urden within the same game)

Xan Soundboard

Xan from Baldur's Gate - Soundboard

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Xan In-Game Biography

“When asked about his past, XAN wistfully speaks of his home in the elven stronghold of Evereska, and his role as a Greycloak.

It was apparently decreed that he was to investigate the events of the iron shortage, determine who or what were the causes, and ascertain whether there was a greater threat to the region as a whole.

This was definitely not a small task, and he accepted the responsibility with a great deal of dread.

You get the feeling, however, that he approaches everything with a great deal of dread.

He has devoted his life to improving his mastery of magic and has become a skilled wizard, though this dedication has left him little time to make friends or acquire any other pastimes.

He strikes you as very capable, though probably not the best influence on morale.”

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