Warframe - A Complete Beginner's Guide and Tips

Warframe – A Complete Beginner’s Guide and Tips

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You have decided to play the fantastic free to play cooperative third-person shooter video game where you get to live out your fantasy of being a Space Ninja – Warframe

Unfortunately, you are feeling overwhelmed and need some much needed guidance to get you through the first moments of gameplay.

Fortunately, a friendly Cephalon of Orokin origin who serves aboard the Orbiter, has appeared to help you on your way.

Warframe - A Complete Beginner's Guide and Tips“Operator? Ordis wonders… what are you thinking about?”

Choosing the Starter Frame – Warframe

At the very beginning of the game you are given a choice to select one of three frames to play as.

Excalibur – a sword-themed Warframe. With the power to channel energy into his summoned blade, he is a mobile swordsman with potent methods of execution

Mag – based on magnetic force. She boasts high shield strength in exchange for reduced health, and her abilities make her a potent medium for crowd control and manipulation.

Volt – with the power to wield and bend electricity. He is highly versatile, armed with powerful abilities that can damage enemies, provide cover and complement the ranged and melee combat of his cell.

Whichever you choose, the other two frames (and the remaining 30+ frames) can be built and played later in the game, so you can choose the frame that you like the sound of.

Alternatively, if you are still unsure which one to choose, it is recommended to go for Excalibur as his parts are slightly harder to grind for than the other two frames, and his fourth ability ‘Exalted Blade’ is very powerful.

Warframe - A Complete Beginner's Guide and Tips“I’ve been thinking, Operator…I thought you’d want to know.”

Movement – Warframe

The first five missions are like a tutorial where you play some story based content.

This is a great moment to get used to the controls.

Standard movement is fine when defending an area or wiping a mob of enemies, however, when you truly want to explore the map and get to objectives quickly, hold down the crouch button and repeatedly press the jump button to do a bigger jump, bullet jump through the air, slide and climb up walls etc

Enemies will find it difficult to hit you if you constantly move.

Don’t stay still for too long. Always keep moving.

Navigation – Warframe

The Star Chart is the interface used to access missions through the “Navigation” segment in the Orbiter.

You begin by doing missions on earth and each mission completed will unlock the location of the missions next to it and you traverse around the planet.

Once you reach a junction on a planet, you are given a list of tasks that are required to be completed on that planet before you can progress, once completed, you are given a boss fight with an enemy guardian, and if victorious, this will unlock access to a new planet.

Warframe - A Complete Beginner's Guide and Tips“Ordis has been counting stars, Operator. All accounted for.”

Rank – Warframe

As you progress through the game and play the missions from the navigation screen, you will level up the rank of your Warframe and Weapons that you had equipped. Rank 30 is the maximum for each item.

The higher the rank, the better the stats of the warframe and weapon, and the higher capacity number of the Mods that can slotted into it.

As you gain rank in these, you also gain experience for your Mastery Rank – A player experience bar progressing how much of the game’s total content they have experienced.

In order to be promoted to the next Mastery Rank, a player must pass a different, usually harder, test for each progressive rank they are trying to achieve. Mastery tests can only be accessed in solo play, and require the player to bring a full arsenal regardless of any in-test weapon restrictions.

There is a 24-hour lapse in between consecutive attempts, whether having failed and to retake the current test or having succeeded previously and to qualify for the next rank.

As you gain higher Mastery Ranks, new weapons, sentinels and some warframes become available to use (You still have to obtain them)

Warframe - A Complete Beginner's Guide and Tips“Ordis is hap – angry. Hmm, I may require maintenance after all.”

Currency – Warframe

The two main currencies in the game when you start are Credits and Platinum.

Credits are earned in game for completing missions or selling unwanted items in the inventory

Platinum is the currency that can be bought with real world money (it can also be traded between other players for items)

You start the game with 50 platinum for free. It can be used to buy Warframes, weapons, equipment, cosmetic gear and it can also be used to rush items being crafted, however it is highly recommended to only use it at first to expand weapon and warframe slots as Platinum is the only way these can be expanded.

The default weapon slot is 8 (All primaries, secondaries and melees filling a slot each)and the default warframe slot is 2.

Warframe - A Complete Beginner's Guide and Tips“Excellent armaments, Operator. Please return – covered in blood – safe and sound.”

Hacking – Warframe

Hacking is a technique used by the player to unlock doors after a lockdown, release the hostage, retrieve a data key from a console, receive data from spy vaults, reset alarms, or to seal a hull breach.

There are two different styles of hacking. Grineer console hacking and Corpus console hacking

• Grineer is the easiest, simply press the button as the cursor spins around the circle over the visual slots. Inserted slots can be released by accident, in which it has to be inserted again. This one doesn’t have a time limit.

• Corpus is slightly more difficult, especially considering they have an approx 20 second time limit. Rotate the hexagon tiles so that all lines are connected to other lines on adjacent hexagon tiles.

You can buy Cipher blueprint by searching for it at the Market. It costs 500 Credits and it is reusable. It will create one Cipher with a build time of one minute.

Go to the Arsenal screen, and in Gear, equip the Ciphers to one section of the wheel.

Now whenever you need to hack and you are running out off time, you can use a cipher to complete the hack instantly instead. This will consume one cipher each time. So make sure you have a few before starting each mission.

Warframe - A Complete Beginner's Guide and Tips“Everything in Ordis, Operator? Is that a pun?! Hmm…. I will attempt to bypass this fault.”

Weapons – Warframe

During the first mission, you are given a choice between two primaries, two secondaries and two melee weapons.

As soon as you progress through the first couple of missions and have access to the arsenal and market, you will get the opportunity to buy other weapons either by the spending credits and getting the gun outright, or if a weapon costs platinum instead, select it and select the next tab to instead see if you can buy the blueprint of the weapon instead for credits.

The blueprint can then be used on the Foundry to craft using materials found during missions and then having to wait for about 12 or 24 hours.

Simply carry on playing the game and come back to it later when the weapon is completed and feel satisfied that you created it yourself.

Since you gain mastery ranking experience by ranking up weapons (and warframes), it is best to level them up to max (30) and then level up new ones. Keep the ones you like for tough missions and sell any of the others from the Inventory screen.

**Check below to also find Coupon Codes for powerful upgraded weapons you can get for free

The following is a list of recommended weapons and the Mastery Rank required to obtain them.


• Braton (MR0) – Auto Rifle – 25,000 Credits from the market.

• Karak (MR1) – Auto Rifle – (Blueprint) 30,000 Credits from the market.

• Strun (MR1) – Semi-Auto Shotgun – 25,000 Credits from the market.

• Boltor (MR2) – Auto Rifle – (Blueprint) 15,000 Credits from the market.

• Hek (MR4) – Semi-Auto Shotgun – (Blueprint) 25,000 Credits from the market.

• Grakata (MR5) – Auto Rifle – (Blueprint) 15,000 Credits from the market.

• Tigris (MR9) – Duplex-Auto Shotgun – (Blueprint) 40,000 Credits from the market.


• Sonicor (MR2) – Semi-Auto Pistol – (Blueprint) 20,000 Credits from the market.

• Lex (MR3) – Semi-Auto Pistol – 50,000 Credits from the market.

• Akstiletto (MR8) – Auto Dual Pistols – (Blueprint) 15,000 Credits from the Clan Dojo.


• Dual Zoren (MR2) – Dual Swords – (Blueprint) 15,000 Credits from the market.

• Tipedo (MR3) – Staff – (Blueprint) 20,000 Credits from the market.

• Galantine (MR3) – Heavy Blade – (Blueprint) 25,000 Credits from the market.

Warframe - A Complete Beginner's Guide and Tips“Operator, were you visualizing a bloody battle? -Me too!”

Mods – Warframe

Mods take the form of cards that you can attach to whatever weapon you want to upgrade. They can do a variety of things from increasing the shields and health of your Warframe, or adding fire damage to your rifle, or even increasing the attack speed of your sword.

Almost all enemies have a chance of dropping a mod. The usual chance is 3%, but may differ depending on the type of enemy.

On the Arsenal screen, simply choose the upgrade option to place mods on the selected weapon, warframe or sentinel. You can put a mod onto an item, remove it, switch it with others etc freely. They do not get consumed upon use, will last forever and the capacity points are adjusted accordingly so you can freely experiment with different mod combinations without any worry.

The higher the rank of the weapon, the higher the capacity to include more mods or higher capacity valued mods.

Warframes/Companions and Weapons can be supercharged with an Orokin Reactor or Orokin Catalyst respectively, which doubles the available Mod capacity up to a max of 60.

You can upgrade mods also, to increase the effect of the mod (with an increase to the cost of the mod capacity cost)

The amount of mod slots an item will have depends on what type it is:

• Companions have 10 mod slots
• Warframes have 8 standard mod slots, and exlius mod slot, and an aura mod slot
• Melee weapons have 8 standard mod slots and a stance mod slot
• Every other weapon has 8 mod slots

Damaged mods are weaker versions of various normal mods that are automatically picked up during the course of the Vor’s Prize quest missions.

Some of the Mods worth using to begin with are:


• Redirection Increases maximum shield capacity

• Vitality Increases maximum health

Primary and Secondary Weapon:

(Rifle mods used as an example, other primary and secondary weapons, like shotguns or pistols, have there own versions of these mods)

• Serration Increases base damage

• Split Chamber Adds chance of shooting multiple projectiles

• Any Elemental damage


• Pressure Point Increases base damage

• Fury Increases attack speed

Warframe - A Complete Beginner's Guide and Tips“Is your mod collection in order? No, I am not equipped to feel envy…”

Damage and Elements – Warframe

Most weapons’ base damage is made up of a combination of three physical damage types: Impact, Puncture, and Slash.

Puncture damage is good against Grineer because it is effective against armor. It has a status effect of Weakening the enemy, causing the victim’s attacks to deal 30% less damage over 6 seconds

Impact damage is good against Corpus because it is effective against shield. It has a status chance of causing enemies to flinch and recoil backwards.

Slash damage is good against Infested because it is effective against flesh. It has a status effect to cause the enemies to Bleed, lacerating the enemy with a damage over time effect that deals 35% of Base Damage per tick for 7 ticks in 6 seconds as Finishing damage which bypasses shields, armor, and all forms of damage reduction.

In addition to the three base damage types, Elemental Damage can be applied on top of a weapon’s base damage depending on what Elemental Mods are applied.

There are four primary Elemental Damage types: Heat, Cold, Electricity, and Toxin.

Heat is effective against flesh/health (Infested). The Status effect is Ignite, which sets the enemy ablaze and deals damage over time equal to (Base Damage + Heat Damage) ÷ 2 per tick for 7 ticks over 6 seconds as Heat b Heat damage. Ignited enemies will usually panic and flail around for a few seconds, exposing them from cover and preventing them from attacking.

Cold is effective against shields (Corpus) but also against the armor of high level Grineer units. The status effect is Freeze which halves the target’s movement speed and fire/attack rate for 6 seconds.

Electricity performs well against Grineer Machinery and Corpus Robotics, but is mitigated by the Alloy Armor worn by many high-level Grineer units. The status effect is Chain Lightning, sending an electrical surge dealing damage equal to (Base Damage + Electricity Damage) ÷ 2 as Electricity to all enemies within a 3 meter radius.

Toxin is effective against Corpus Flesh and Grineer Ferrite Armor, but is less effective against Machinery and Robotic enemies. The status effect is Poison, which infects an enemy with a damage over time that deals (Base Damage + Toxin Damage) ÷ 2 per tick for 9 ticks over 8 seconds as Toxin damage.

A single primary Elemental Damage type can be applied alone, but if a second primary Elemental Damage type is introduced they will combine into a secondary Elemental Damage type.

Blast (Heat and Cold) – Status is Knockdown

Corrosive (Electricity and Toxin) – Status is weakness to Armor

Gas (Heat and Toxin) – Status is Toxin AOE

Magnetic (Cold and Electricity) – Status is decrease in Max Shields

Radiation (Heat and Electricity) – Status is lowered Accuracy

Viral (Cold & Toxin) – Status is decrease in Max Health

General Setup:

Enemy: Grineer Faction
• Prefer high Puncture weapons.
• Corrosive (Toxin + Electricity) against heavy Grineer
• Cold against light Grineer

Enemy: Infested Faction
• Prefer high Slash weapons.
• Corrosive (Toxin + Electricity) against heavy Infested
• Heat against light Infested

Enemy: Corpus Faction
• Prefer high Impact weapons.
• Magnetic (Cold + Electricity) against heavy Corpus
• Toxin against light Corpus

TL:DR? Corrosive and Cold Elemental Damage can be good all round useful to all of the factions if you prefer not to use different loadouts.

Warframe - A Complete Beginner's Guide and Tips“Stand by while I analyze the intelligence profile of the Grineer. Error, not a number! Did the Operator enjoy this witticism?”

Coupon Codes – Warframe

Use these codes to get free items and glyphs (profile pictures) using these codes at the market screen. Works for Xbox One, PS4 and PC – although they may stop working at anytime.

FREESWORD – get a free Heat Sword (with extra item slot) and fully upgraded

FN6B-8RML-MLH6-GM2N – get a free Vectis sniper rifle (with extra item slot) and fully upgraded

The following codes will get you glpyhs:












Skill Acquired

Congratulations. You have acquired this skill.

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