Tutorial Mode

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Welcome to the Tutorial Mode.

Find out all you need to know about Projectglaive.com with the help of Mr Happy.

He is full of helpful advise and pearls of wisdom – Though not the best for displaying enthusiasm or raising group morale.

To mute him, press the X above his head in the red box. (He will finish his sentence though)

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Contact Me


Hi, My name is Prendergast and I built this website.

Would you like to contact me and tell me how awesome I am?

Or maybe just to let me know of a bug, problem or speling mistake? (and then tell me I am awesome)

If so, please write your message in the box to the left.

Travel Guide

crown-coinPress Start
The Press Start page is the main home page. It lists the newest quests, items and activities from the site. It also gives a small introduction from Prendergast.

crown-coinRespawn Quests
Check out all the quests from this realm or simply check out the latest quests from these categories:

These are exclusive games created or customized by projectglaive.com that you can play and find out how they were made.

These are unique stories and written works of fiction featuring characters from projectglaive.com

These are games and hacks that I like, found on the internet and playable through this site

These contain useful information, ideas or codes. Normally things that I have discovered while trying to make something for the other categories.

These are all videos from projectglaive’s YouTube channel and include Let’s Plays’, fake alternative movie scenes and random silliness.

These are quests that don’t really belong under the other categories. Includes soundboards and interviews.

crown-coin Open Treasure Chests
Open the Treasure Chest to play random embeded games from around the internet

crown-coin Join Guild Chat
Check to see the latest gaming news or entertainment from around the world

crown-coin Enchantment Store
Show us some love and buy some official ProjectGlaive.com merchandise, while stocks last!

crown-coinCampaign Map
This map shows you all the useful and interesting links to other websites.

Glossary of ProjectGlaive Terms

The Almagus is a mythical book said to give the reader anything they desired if they knew the correct codes. A cheat book for real life.

A type of Quest that is full of playable games and hacks found around the internet. Unlike the category ‘Games’, these are not games I have made or customized myself, but they are games I enjoy.

Campaign Map
A page that lists useful or entertaining links from around the internet

Enchantment Store
A page that displays merchandise for sale with real money. I get some commission for each purchase so you would be helping me out and also you get to look/be cool.

A type of Quest that is full of things that don’t fit in the other categories. Soundboards and Interviews are included in this category.

A type of Quest that is full of playable games I have created myself or customized using game engines or programs.

Guild Chat
A forum with the characters from ProjectGlaive.com. Sometimes the voices inside my head just want a place to express themselves.

Hugh Mann
A YouTube superstar. Sometimes makes Let’s Plays or other kinds of videos. Despite his name, it is suspected that he is just a talking avatar and not a real person,

A type of Quest that is full of… Information, funnily enough. Sometimes just shortened to info. Once I have learnt how to do something I might as well share that information. Especially since I might forget how I did it by the time I need to do it again.

A type of Quest that is full of stories. Typed words of fiction from the deepest, darkest depths of my mind. I can’t think of any other way to describe it

Menu Screen
A section on the side menu. This list the main pages of the site.

Mr Happy
A sad character that is also a useful guide. You might be hearing him speak right at this moment unless you pressed that X button next to him.

That’s me! The creator of this little sanctuary. Also known as Ninja Kendog.

Press Start
This is the name of the main home page for this realm. It mostly displays the latest quests and activity because returning visitors are more likely to want to know that first. Pressing on the logo images from the top of the screen or the title screen will redirect you to this home page

The name of the website you are currently on. Greetings.

This is found under the title menu in the side menu. It will display random pieces of information, hints or nonsense. Press reload or go to a new page for it to change

This is really just another name for blog posts on this site. They are considered quests because you need to read them to complete them. a Quest Chain is when they are a few blog posts in a series.

I use the term realm to mean ‘website’. So this realm is projectglaive and other realms are other websites

Respawn Quests
This page displays all quests that have been created. They are displayed alphabetically and in category order. This is like an archive list, useful for finding a certain quest or quest chain.

Scroll of Quick Teleportation
This is found in the side menu bar and displays search engine bars for a lot of well known sites, like google. Mainly for convenience, this means you can make projectglaive.com your new home page and you will still have quick access to the outside realms.

Treasure Card of the Day
This can be also be found on the side menu. A new picture card is displayed each day randomly, so check back often.

Treasure Chest
This page is filled with so many playable online games for you to enjoy, unlike the ‘games’ or ‘arcade’ quests, these are created and uploaded automatically, so are not considered quests. Still fun to find and play a random game.

Trunks the Ninja Elephant
This ninja elephant is the master of stealth and subterfuge. Can you find him?

Update Notes
This is found in the Press Start page. It displays any new quests and treasure chest games. This is the feed from the projectglaive twitter account.

A type of Quest that is full of monkeys… only joking. It is full of videos, of course. Watch YouTube videos from these quests or directly from the ProjectGlaive YouTube channel.


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