Tutorial Mode

Tutorial Mode

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You check out the Instruction Manual.

The voice of Mr Happy starts speaking to you from the bottom left corner.

He is full of helpful advise and pearls of wisdom – Though probably not the best for displaying enthusiasm or raising group morale.

And to mute him, you must press the X above his head in the red box. (He will finish his sentence though)

“I have learned much about myself that perhaps was better left unknown.”


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Glossary of ProjectGlaive Terms

The Almagus is a mythical book said to give the reader anything they desired if they knew the correct codes. A cheat book for real life.

“▲ ▲ ▼ ▼ ◄ ► ◄ ► B A”

Badges are earned by completing certain tasks and can be viewed from the Inventory Screen. Repeating these tasks will increase the quality of the badge. There are currently 8 known badges to earn.
ItemsBuying items
Buying items is just a way to save blog posts to the inventory screen for easier access in the future. You must be logged in to be able to buy an item. Each item costs 100 Gold Coins. The option to buy an item can be found at the start of all blog posts in the purple box section
The Dungeon is filled with hordes of basic internet games to master. If you are able to get a high score with these, you could earn bonus Gold Coins and Experience Points
Experience PointsExperience Points
Experience Points are used to gain levels. You can earn Experience Points by daily visits to the site, viewing content, clicking the links at the WorldMap, viewing the Featured Video at the guild, sharing with group, using the Temple of Donations at the Inventory screen and playing the games at the Dungeon.

A torch/flashlight found on the HUD side of the screen. Flicking this on will brighten up the current webpage you are on, making some things easier to read.
Gold CoinsGold Coins
Gold Coins are used to buy items. You can earn Gold Coins by daily visits to the site, viewing content, clicking the links at the WorldMap, viewing the Featured Video at the guild, sharing with group and playing the games at the Dungeon. They can also be won by playing the Treasure Card game.
Guilds are YouTube channels. You can view the ProjectGlaive channel by default and then view other popular channels from the site. These are categorized by general genre of the channel:
Guild of Conjuration = Video Gaming
Guild of Illusion = Movies
Guild of Evocation = Kids
Guild of Divination = Lists / Riddles
Guild of Abjuration = Culture
Guild of Necromancy = Horror
This Inventory screen will show latest item purchases (and a list of all purchases). It also displays all badges you have earned (Only logged in characters can see this page)
Levels are earned by gaining Experience Points and your current level is displayed on the HUD menu area and Inventory screen,
but only to those who are logged in. The maximum value is Level 100.
The Lore section are blog posts containing fictional stories, creative lists, interviews and other such articles
Also referred to as the Press Start Screen, this is the home page and lists all the new items from all categories. This page is accessed simply by going to http://projectglaive.com
This page you are in right now is the options page. It gives a brief explanation of all the terms used on this site.
Quests are blog posts with playable hacked ROMs, classic game collections and exclusive games created/modified by ProjectGlaive
shareShare with Group
At the top and bottom of every page you are given a chance to share the page on a selection of different social networking websites.
Skills are blog posts with informative articles, tutorials and, for some unfathomable reason, soundboards
ExchangeTemple Donations
Found in the Inventory section and only available to logged in Characters. This will let you exchange Gold Coins for Experience Points
ItemsTreasure Cards
This is a scratch card game that can be accessed from the Inventory screen. It costs 20 Gold Coins per play and you could win a Gold Coin value between 0 to 1000 Gold Coins.
Each day, a randomly selected Treasure Card from the deck is shown at the menu screen.
World MapWorld Map
The World Map is a list of other websites that could be useful or entertaining and all of them are free to use. They are listed under the following categories:
Game Creating Tools


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