Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends - Soundboard

Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends – Soundboard

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thomas This is a soundboard for Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends.

I couldn’t find one so I thought I would make one myself.

Most of the voice clips are from UK Narrator of seasons 3 to 16 – Michael Angelis. There are also a few clips from the modern CGI series and the Thomas and the Magic Railroad movie.

I tried to find all the most commonly used catchphrases and sayings from the show, plus anything else that seemed funny to me.

Thomas Soundboard


MP3 Downloads

If you want to download these 88 audio files (MP3) in a ZIP folder, please click here

As an added bonus I have also got the FMV Cutscenes from two Thomas and Friends PC Games

Great Festival Adventure – Complete Cutscenes

The Great Festival Adventure is a PC game developed by Minds Eye Productions and published by Hasbro Interactive in 1999.

The Great Festival is coming to Sodor and the Fat Controller tells the engines what their jobs are for the day.

Thomas, Percy, and Gordon are to be cleaned and repaired in the Engine Shed, and Thomas teases Gordon about tank engines not needing turntables after a strong wind blows Gordon round and round!

Thomas and James come to a rockfall at the quarry and Harold helps out by clearing the line.

He then collects his trucks and fill up with water.

Thomas thinks that he has enough puff to race Henry.

But when Henry shoots by, Thomas thinks “Well, perhaps not!”

After collecting his trucks with Percy at the docks, Thomas takes Annie and Clarabel to the station to pick up passengers going to the festival.

Thomas then passes Harold at the airfield and races him to the festival, but Thomas stops to watch Terence herd some cows back into the field.

Thomas is on his way again.

He sees some children on the bridge and tells them to go to the station so he can pick them up later.

After he and Harold build the rides and stalls for the festival, Thomas passes Edward, who is grumbling about pulling trucks instead of passengers.

Tired of Edward’s grumbling the trucks push him down the steep hill into a rock in a siding, much to Thomas’s surprise!

Thomas and his friends then enjoy the music at the festival.

Later that evening, Thomas arrives back at the sheds late after taking the passengers from the festival home.

The Fat Controller is very pleased with the engine’s work and tells them they can have a well earned rest.

Trouble on the Tracks – Complete Cutscenes

Trouble on the Tracks is a PC game developed by Minds Eye Productions and published by Hasbro Interactive, released in 2000.

Sodor is running low on coal, so the Fat Controller sends James to collect some.

But on his way, James goes too fast and derails at a very sharp bend.

The Fat Controller is worried about James so he sends Harold out to search for him.

Harold finds James and his pilot calls the Fat Controller for the breakdown train.

The Fat Controller calls one of the Horrid Lorries over and tells him to go to the mine and collect coal for the engines.

After the Fat Controller explains that James has crashed and that it is an emergency the lorry grumbles to work.

When the engines are steamed up again, the Fat Controller asks Thomas to rescue James.

But on his way, the crane’s cogs come off on a bumpy track.

However, the crane is soon fixed and James is lifted back on the rails, and Thomas pushes him back to the engine shed to be repaired.

Later the engines help the Fat Controller to find a new whistle for James.

Percy brings the new whistle to the Fat Controller and, after his tiring job, goes for a rest.

Thomas, meanwhile, goes to the docks to pick up new parts for James from Cranky, but he finds it hard to do his work when the trucks cause trouble.

The Fat Controller sends Percy to the lamp shop to collect a new lamp for James and soon arrives back at the yards.

Percy finds a very sad James waiting to be fixed, thinking he will never be splendid again.

James thanks Percy for helping him out and Thomas shunts James into the shed to be repaired.

A few hours later James steams out like a brand new engine; feeling very splendid.

Gordon is determined for some help with the hard work, but James is still not ready; he has to be filled with water and coal.

When James is fully ready, Thomas shunts his coaches into place for him, saying he is pleased to have him back on the tracks.

James then steams away from the coal yard.

The Fat Controller then tells the engines they have all been really useful.

Thank you

Thank you for checking this out and I hope you have fun with this soundboard.

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