Spirit Monk: World Explorer Alpha 1 – RPG Maker MV

World Explorer Alpha 1

Spirit Monk: World Explorer is a fairly simple to play RPG.

The only objective of the game is to explore the world and listen to what the inhabitants have to say.

This is the 1st alpha version of the game and some paths and areas may be blocked off until a future update.

Spirit Monk: World Explorer Alpha 1 – THE GAME

Spirit Monk: World Explorer Alpha 1 – CONTROLS

Use Arrow keys to move

Or alternatively use the left mouse button

Enter = Confirm

Esc = Cancel

Spirit Monk: World Explorer Alpha 1 – INSTRUCTIONS

This is the spiritual (<-pun) successor to my previous game, Baby Quest Adventures

In this game, you control a mysterious spectral monk and travel through the world.

Listen to what the civilians and monsters have to say, mostly they will be talking to themselves because, since you are a ghost, they will not be able to see or hear you.

Although certain special characters may have the power to sense your presence or have a strange feeling as you approach them.

This game was created using RPG Maker MV. Plugins used are from Yanfly and SumRndmDde

Background music is ‘Bit Quest’ from Incompetech and used under the Creative Commons license.

Spirit Monk: World Explorer Alpha 1 – VERSION NOTES

There are 12 areas to explore in total.

The graveyard (starting area) and cottage directly to the north are remakes from the areas of Baby Quest Adventures

There a secret hidden vehicle, to ride it just press the Enter key. To exit to vehicle, press Enter again while not moving.

Read all the gravestones

Cats can sense your presence and will react accordingly if you approach them.

Thank you

Thank you for playing this game.

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