Spiders Vs Unicorns: The Video Game – App Game Kit

Spiders Vs Unicorns

Play as a noble hero creature and wipe out the evil vermin of the galaxy.

Spiders Vs Unicorns: The Game

CLICK HERE to play Spiders Vs Unicorns


Arrow Keys – Move Left and Right

Left Mouse Button – Shoot


You must repeatedly shoot the approaching enemy creatures, while avoiding the incoming enemy fire.

Spiders Vs Unicorns: Making of

This is the first game I have created using the App Game Kit software by the Game Creators.

It is basically a slightly modified version of the game created by the shooter tutorial (Videos 4 to 8 on this playlist).

As this software is very new to me, I am still learning the basics and going through the online tutorials.

A ZIP file containing the all the program files and media used in this game can be FOUND HERE!

Please feel free to use and modify the code for your own game or project.

Music is Overworld by INCOMPETECH

Sound effects from SOUNDBIBLE

Images from PIXABAY and GAME ICONS

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Thank you for playing the game.

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