Pokemon Ruby Destiny – Play All Episodes Online – Complete Collection

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Pokemon Ruby Destiny
Pokemon Ruby Destiny is a series of interconnected games whose story spans several different parallel timelines depending on the game.

They are a Monster Capture RPG game published by destinedjagold released on May 26, 2015 for the GameBoy Advance.

Here you can play all four games of the series online directly in your browser.

The controls for each game are the same:

Arrow Keys = Move

Enter key = Start/Menu

Z = Confirm

X = Cancel

Play in fullscreen by pressing F11 or pressing the black X icon on the emulator screen that shows up when you hover the mouse pointer over the window.

Pokemon Ruby Destiny Episode 1 – Reign of Legends


Your brother has called upon you and your mother to live in the region where he is the Gym Leader of Snow Soft City in the region of GENTO.

There, you arrived and decided to live in Sun Ford Town, where you’ll get your first POKEMON to begin your very own journey.

Try and stop the evil plots of the two evil gangs, Luminous Cenaries, who’s vision is to overcast the world with sunlight, and ROYAL DARKNESS, which tries to shade the world with darkness…

But time won’t tell what’s in store for you in the future. You’ll be embarked on a journey to save the world from XD001, or better known as Shadow Lugia.

You’ll meet several POKEMON that will help you stop the key of destruction.

Are you ready to face the reality of the future..? Only time will tell.


New region, Gento, consists of four main islands; Lorina, Selaro, Borora and Retazo

New story, rivals and chain of events

New tiles

New evil gangs: Royal Darkness and Luminous Cenaries

All legendaries obtainable (DP)

Special Pokemon: Baby Lugia and Shadow Lugia


destinedjagold, thethethethe, Benevolent Wings, TotoMud, Nicolas, Esmas, digital6m, Don Patch, Lex_14, Xanza, RPD490, Koshi, KEL

Pokemon Ruby Destiny Episode 2 – Rescue Rangers


You’re just a simple and average kid living in the real world.

The day has come, yes! It’s your 12th birthday.

To celebrate it, you invited 4 of your friends who, like you, loves POKéMON as well.

But then, when you were about to begin, a strange aura came in the room and made you loose your consciousness.

Once you woke up, you found yourself deep in the forest which you aren’t familiar with, and then you heard strange cries of animals.

You checked it out and to your surprise, you found a Torchic and a Chikorita for real, or, they found you.

A dream come true, or a nightmare? They told you that you’re a POKéMON as well, a Pikachu!

Shocked and confused, they offered you to join their Rescue Team.

Having nowhere else to go, you agreed. And so your journey, as a new being, begins.


Play as a Pikachu!

Chikorita and Torchic will be your partners

New Tiles, Scripts and Overworlds


destinedjagold, C3LEBI, thethethethe, Benevolent Wings, TotoMud, Nicolas, Keyrin, ~ShadowUmbreon~, ShineGreymTn, EnirevTux, Xiros, Fire Flame, WAH, Ozumas, ~Daisuke~, Samson, Mystery_Dungeon, EternalLight, Desperate Milotic, Mr. C, amyrosesweetie, Danskeren, Sythes, emocresselia, Wichu, revenge101, Forgotten Memory, WraithPhantom73, Crossel

Pokemon Ruby Destiny Episode 3 – Life of Guardians


In the altered world where Team Go-Getters accidentally created lives a young girl who always dreamed tobe a Guardian Trainer after she heard all about it, even though she has no idea how to be come one, but still, she’s determined to achieve her goal to be a Guardian Trainer.

One day, she can no longer stay home, for she wants to achieve her goal, and so she went out to try and befriend a Pokemon so she can travel the region and learn about Guardian Trainers.

Unfortunately, she was stopped by her childhood friend, Kevin, and when they decided to go back home, a shaman was running for her dear life.

She was chased by two members of the Dark Organization, trying to steal her Pokemon.

Unsure of what to do, she asked both kids to choose one Pokemon from her and battle the grunts.

Later, they successfully defeated the grunts, which then fled.

To thank them, she gave them the Pokemon they used as a reward.

And now that she has a Pokemon with her side, she will finally be able to start her own journey to achieve her goal to be a Guardian Trainer, but the region’s been chaotic since the rise of the Dark Organization.

Trials await her in the future, and a strange dream’s confusing her.

Will she be able to achieve her goal, or will she drive her destiny into the wrong path of life?


New region, Gento, consists of four main islands

Gen 4 Pokemon

New story, rivals and chain of events

New tiles

All legendaries obtainable

Baby Lugia and Shadow Lugia


destinedjagold, thethethethe, Benevolent Wings, TotoMud, Nicolas, Esmas, digital6m, Don Patch, Lex_14, Xanza, RPD490, Koshi, Kel

Pokemon Ruby Destiny Episode 4 – Broken Timeline


Waking up in a beach, having no memory of how you got there, and after you saved (or not) an Eevee from Team Rocket, you set out on a journey, wandering through the lands of the Crest region, to figure out how you ended up on Starlight Beach and how you can get back home.

Along the way, you meet human and Pokemon friends and foes, and their simple ways of life.


New tiles

Fairy and Aria type added

A few Pokemon from the 4th, 5th and 6th generations

Talk to trainers if you want to battle them

Physical/Special Split


destinedjagold, TheSoupLord, Magiscarf, Burton-kun, femok, FM, NSora-96, Dante, WesleyFG, LeiAlcantara025, Ruki Makino, Chaos Rush, Noscium, MrDollSteak, th3shark, Renegade, RPD490, GoGoJJTech, SypherAP, Vendily, Coolboyman, Dragoon, Jambo51, Andrea, Feanor, eing15, Perri Lightfoot

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