Personality Test – Twine 2.1 Harlowe 2.0

Personality Test

Personality Test is an interactive quiz I created using Twine 2.1 and using the Harlowe 2.1 story format.

It is a short but amazingly accurate personality test.

It’s meant to reveal hidden aspects of how you relate to others in your life.

Hopefully you will learn something deeper about yourself that you may not have otherwise known.

This will work best if you select the answer that you can best identify with, not one which you think would be correct.

Be honest when you answer these 9 simple questions and reveal your personality!

Personality Test – The Game

Alternatively, If that doesn’t work, CLICK HERE! to play the game directly from your web browser in full screen instead.

Personality Test – Making of

This personality test is taken from Mind Oddities and the original video can be found here

The music used is called Peace and it is by Vexento and Lucas King

Personality Test – Question List

Question 1: You are walking down a path, what do you see around you?

A – A dark forest. The trees are so thick that only a bit of sky shows through

B – A cornfield. It stretches as far as you can see, under a bright blue sky

C – Green rolling hills, dotted with trees. Beyond them you can almost see mountains

Question 2: You spot an object by your feet. What is it?

A – A mirror

B – A ring

C – A bottle

Question 3: Do you pick it up?

A – Yes

B – No

Question 4: Continuing along the path, you come across some water, what form is the water in?

A – A calm, clear, serene lake

B – A crashing waterfall

C – A babbling brook

Question 5: You see a key in the water and reach down to pick it up. What does it look like?

A – A simple house key

B – A fancy antique key

C – A small padlock key

Question 6: As you walk further along the path, you come to a house. What kind of house is it?

A – A hollywood-style mansion

B – A cottage with a lush green lawn

C – A beautiful castle in ruins

Question 7: What do you do?

A – Look in the window

B – Go inside

C – Walk on

Question 8: Suddenly, something jumps out at you. What is it?

A – A bear

B – A wizard

C – A troll

Question 9:

You run down the path until you reach a wall with a door in it. You peek through the keyhole. What’s on the other side?

A – The lush gardens of an impressive house

B – A pond in the middle of the desert

C – A sandy beach with crashing waves


Once all questions have been answered, a detailed document describing your personality will be revealed.

Personality Test – Thank you

Thank you for playing the game and reading this.

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