How to Embed a Nesbox Emulator on your Website

How to Embed a Nesbox Emulator

The Nesbox Emulator lets you run classic NES, SNES, Gameboy, GBA and Mega Drive (Genesis) games.

Here I will show you how to upload this emulator and a ROM of your choice so visitors can play the games you used to play.

You can go to this website to download the emulator and instructions directly, however I used WordPress to create this realm so originally I had difficulty following the instructions and getting this to work.

This is how I did it…

How to Embed a Nesbox Emulator – Download and Upload

First CLICK HERE to download the necessary files.

Unzip all the contents into a folder on your computer.

Upload all of these inside a folder directly to your web server. They should have a ‘File Manager’ service or something similar so you can view and upload files directly

I have left some of the ROMS and files I have used so far to give you an example and a reference

How to Embed a Nesbox Emulator – upload a new ROM

Search for ROMS online of the game of your choice. The file formats need to be either .nes, .gen, .smd, .smc, .gb, .gbc, .gba, .bin, or .sfc,

Upload the ROM to the ROMS folder inside your web server.

How to Embed a Nesbox Emulator – Create a HTML file

If you back out once from that ROMS folder you will see a load of HTML (web) files with the names of some of the games on it. Create a new HTML file here and name it the name of your ROM.

Copy and paste the following code inside it.

This code will let you play a hacked version of Friday the 13th for the NES. Feel free to save it and see if it works, however to play the ROM you wanted, just change the following code in the above HTML file.

system : ‘nes’,
url : ‘roms/friday.nes’

Change the ‘nes’ part to whatever console system the ROM is originally for.
nes for NES
snes for SNES
gb for Gameboy and Gameboy Color
gba for Gameboy Advance
sega for Mega Drive / Genesis

Change the url to name and destination of the ROM you want ‘roms/ROM NAME HERE.FORMAT’

Save the file and view it. It should show the working emulator.

If you see it load and then just wait at 100%, there is something with the ROM it is trying to load. Double check the system and url from above is correct

How to Embed a Nesbox Emulator – Adding it on a WordPress Post

Now that it works, it is just a matter of adding it to your blog via a wordpress post

Just copy and paste the following code inside the text editor (not the Visual editor) wherever you want the game to appear:

Change INSERT URL HERE to the full URL web address of the HTML document you made in the previous step

example: src=””

Preview it and make sure that it all works OK

How to Embed a Nesbox Emulator – Examples

I hope that worked out for you:

Please check out my following quests to see examples of this NESBOX emulator working on my realm.

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