How to embed a ZX Spectrum Emulator on your website

how to embed a zx spectrum

JSSPECCY is a ZX spectrum emulator that you can embed onto the pages of your own website and let your visitors play the classic game ROMs of your choice.

You can check out the demo, instructions and original download from this website

This guide will show you how to embed the emulator if you are using wordpress to create your website.

How to embed a ZX Spectrum Emulator – Download and upload

Download this ZIP file

Unzip all the contents into a folder on your computer.

Upload all of these inside files a folder directly to your web server. They should have a ‘File Manager’ service or something similar so you can view and upload files directly. You could name this folder something like ‘spectrum’.

How to embed a ZX Spectrum Emulator – Edit file

Edit the file ‘actionbiker.html’, find the section of code that says:


Change this to the location of the ACTBIKER.TAP file URL address for your website

Save this file and view it. It should now run the game ZX spectrum game Action Biker

(Check out this for more information regarding the game)

How to embed a ZX Spectrum Emulator – Changing ROMs

Download a ZX spectrum game ROM of your choice and upload it to your folder you created in the first step.

Make a copy of the actionbiker.html and rename this to the name of your of your ROM(.html)

Edit this new HTML document and change the ‘’ section to the direct URL address of the new game you just uploaded.

Save and view it to make sure it works.

How to embed a ZX Spectrum Emulator – Embed on a POST

Create a new post in WordPress.

Copy and paste the following code in the ‘text’ editor tab wherever you want the emulator to be displayed:

Change “” to the URL address and name that you created in the previous step.

Preview the webpage to make sure it is working OK.

Thank you

Thank you for reading this guide and I hope you found it useful.

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