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How To Create A Platform Game With GDevelop

Platform Game

Recently I created a simple 2D platforming game with GDevelop. Check it out here.

This is a guide to how I created it, with downloadable template so you can create your very own platformer game in seconds.

This game was created using GDevelop 4, so this tutorial is based on the layout of that version.

Create A Platform Game With GDevelop – Download

You will need GDevelop. It is an open source, cross-platform game creator designed to be used by everyone – no programming skills are required to use the software. Download it from here.

Once you have downloaded and installed GDevelop. Download the Super Hang Man game template here.

It is a ZIP file, move the contents of the folder inside the zip file anywhere onto your computer hard d...

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Sorcerer Pet Builds – Elder Scrolls Online

Sorcerer Pet BuildsElder Scrolls Online is a game I have currently got myself absorbed into, as mentioned previously with my beginners guide to the game, today let’s take an in-depth look as character builds for a Sorcerer class focused on using pets.

When I originally played World of Warcraft, the Hunter class was my favourite because of the way you could tame beasts around the world of the game and even give them a name. Not to mention it was an excellent solo-play class which was mostly what I was interested in.

Although, not quite as extensive as that, the sorcerer class did call out to me in Elder Scrolls Online because it has a skill line dedicated to summoning.

When I was playing WOW and Neverwinter Online, I would find myself to be an Altoholic, I would get so far in one class and then create another...

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How To Embed The Latest Videos From A YouTube Channel

Latest Videos

During my last quest, I showed 10 Creepy Mystery YouTube channels you should be watching, and I also included embed videos for each of those channels that will always play the latest video for that channel.

Here is the code I used to do that. So you can embed your own channel, or favourite channel, within your own webpage and always see their latest videos.

Embed Latest Videos – Channel ID

First we need to know the channel ID of the channel. I found other methods of doing this online using the username of the channel instead, however some channels don’t have their own actual username)

Play any video on YouTube from your desired channel. Click on the channel name just above the description field.

The web address bar (URL) should now r...

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How to embed a ZX Spectrum Emulator on your website

how to embed a zx spectrum

JSSPECCY is a ZX spectrum emulator that you can embed onto the pages of your own website and let your visitors play the classic game ROMs of your choice.

You can check out the demo, instructions and original download from this website

This guide will show you how to embed the emulator if you are using wordpress to create your website.

How to embed a ZX Spectrum Emulator – Download and upload

Download this ZIP file

Unzip all the contents into a folder on your computer.

Upload all of these inside files a folder directly to your web server. They should have a ‘File Manager’ service or something similar so you can view and upload files directly. You could name this folder something like ‘spectrum’.

How to embed a ZX Spectrum Emulator – Edit file

Edit the file ‘actionbiker...

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Elder Scrolls Online – Beginners Guide and Tips

Elder Scrolls Online

I have recently started playing Elder Scrolls Online on the Xbox One and I am finding it a lot of fun.

Here are some tips and help that I have found for anyone else starting this game for the first time also.

I hope you find it useful.

I currently do not have the Morrowind Expansion yet, so I haven’t gone into any detail regarding it or the Warden class.

Elder Scrolls Online – Races and Class

The four main roles that this game covers are:

Magicka-based damage dealer
Stamina-based damage dealer

With the way the system works in skills, each of the playable classes can pretty much focus on any of the roles.

Each race has a skill tree and some of the bonuses make it easier suited to a specific class or build.

PVE stand for Player Verus Enviroment and covers questing and dungeon...

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How to Embed a Nesbox Emulator on your Website

How to Embed a Nesbox Emulator

The Nesbox Emulator lets you run classic NES, SNES, Gameboy, GBA and Mega Drive (Genesis) games.

Here I will show you how to upload this emulator and a ROM of your choice so visitors can play the games you used to play.

You can go to this website to download the emulator and instructions directly, however I used WordPress to create this realm so originally I had difficulty following the instructions and getting this to work.

This is how I did it…

How to Embed a Nesbox Emulator – Download and Upload

First CLICK HERE to download the necessary files.

Unzip all the contents into a folder on your computer.

Upload all of these inside a folder directly to your web server...

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Rave in the Redwoods: Solo Main Easter Egg Guide – COD IW DLC1

I have recently completed the main Easter Egg on the Rave in the Redwoods zombie map, DLC 1 for Call of Duty Infinite Warfare.

This is a bigger achievement than you think, as I am constantly dying in zombies mode and usually can’t get to the really high rounds.

With DLC 2 Shaolin Shuffle having just released for PS4, and the Xbox and PC versions coming soon, I thought I would share some tips and tricks to help others complete the main easter egg for Rave a little bit easier.

This guide will presume you have played this map a lot and know your way around it and you know a lot of the other easter eggs.

Before you read this Rave in the Redwoods: Solo Main Easter Egg Guide you might want to check out the general guide of Rave in the Redwoods – Check this out

Rave in the Redwoods: Solo Main Ea...

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How to create a soundboard for your own website

How to create a soundboard

In this tutorial I will show you how to create a soundboard similar to the ones I have previously used.

Here are a couple of examples:

Minsc Baldur’s Gate Soundboard

Minsc Neverwinter Soundboard

Seregant Knox Neverwinter Soundboard

How to create a soundboard – MP3 files

The audio format to use is MP3.

If these files are already in MP3, feel free to skip to the next step.

If they anything else (wav, ogg etc) then we need to convert these first.

AUDACITY can be used. Simply install the program. Open the sound file, and click files – export audio and make sure to change the file type to mp3 as you save it.

Online Audio Converter has the added benefits of being able to convert multiple files at once. However it is online only and could take a while.

You may want to rename the MP3 files to som...

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Hogg files – How to extract and play sound and music from a game – Neverwinter

Hogg filesC:\Program Files (x86)\Cryptic Studios\Neverwinter\Live\piggs

Do you remember the Minsc from Neverwinter Soundboard?

I created that by extracting and converting the .hogg files found within the games files.

Here I will show you how I did that so you can do the same.

The example I used is from the Steam version of Neverwinter, although it should work with any game using .hogg files. (with a bit of luck)

I am using a Windows O/S and I am not sure how it will work on different operating systems.


If you are unable to view the images below, just click on each one to view it at full screen.

Hogg Files – Converting to FSB files

Locate the folder with the Hogg files inside.

For Neverwinter (downloaded from Steam for free), ...

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Rave in the Redwoods Guide – Call of Duty Infinite Warfare Zombies DLC 1

Rave in the Redwoods

This is a list of general tips and tricks to survive longer or complete the Easter Eggs as quickly as possible in the first DLC for the zombie mode in Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare, entitled Rave in the Redwoods.

Some of these tips can be used in Zombies in Spaceland and I am sure some could be relevant to other Zombie games in the COD series.

A lot of these tips are aimed for Solo or Custom Game modes.

Rave in the Redwoods – Beginning Tips

The M1 gun is at the top of the stairs near the spiked bat. It is only 500 and is considered a sniper rifle by the game.

It is a great gun to have at the beginning. Good amount of ammo and lethal headshots.

Combine this with the Fortune Cards: Eagle Eye (Sniper Rifle hits always count as c...

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How to Embed a Search Engine Bar onto a Website

Search Engine

Here are the HTML codes you will need to embed a search engine onto your own website, using some of the most popular examples.

Just copy the required search engine code from below and paste it into the body of your own website where you want it to appear.

If you want to have the mouse cursor already selected on the search bar as the web page loads – choose the code ‘with autofocus’.

If you look carefully, you will find the only difference between them is whether autofocus=”” appears in the code or not

To alter the length of the search bar just change the size=”13″ part of the code into a different number of your choice.

For example: size=”50″ will make it much longer.

For Ebay and Amazon, I have provided United Kingdom and American examples for each.

The only difference between the d...

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Special Characters — Alt Keyboard Sequences

To type a special character, using an Alt keyboard sequence:

Ensure that the Num Lock key has been pressed, to activate the numeric key section of the keyboard.

Press the Alt key, and hold it down.
While the Alt key is pressed, type the sequence of numbers (on the numeric keypad) from the Alt code in the table below.

Release the Alt key, and the character will appear.

There are some gaps in the numerical sequence of Alt character codes, because either those elements do not exist, or they are duplicates of elements listed elsewhere.

Special Character Sequence

backspace Alt 8

tab Alt 9

line break Alt 10

¤ Alt 15

Alt 20

§ Alt 21

paste Alt 22

space Alt 32

! Alt 33

Alt 34

# Alt 35

$ Alt 36

% Alt 37

& Alt 38

Alt 39

( Alt 40

) Alt 41

* Alt 42

+ Alt 43

, Alt 44

Alt 45

. Alt 46

/ Alt 4...

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