Batman SNES Collection - Playable Online Games

Batman SNES Collection – Playable Online Games

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Batman SNES Collection

This is the complete list of playable Batman related games released on the Super Nintendo Entertainment System.


Batman SNES Collection – Batman Returns


Move = Arrow Keys

Use Selected Item = Z

Jump = X

Punch = S

Cycle through Items = Spacebar (Batarang, Grappling Hook etc)

Start/Pause = Enter

Excerpt from Wikipedia:

The SNES version of the game was released in 1993.

It is fundamentally a left-to-right scrolling fighter beat ’em up, a genre that was featured heavily on the console at the time.

The gameplay and graphics are very similar to the Final Fight games.

The game takes the player through seven scenes featured in the film.

Various members of the Red Triangle Circus Gang attack Batman throughout the game.

Batman has a number of weapons and moves at his disposal, including the batarang.

Each level ends with a boss character, which requires a little more effort and strategy to defeat.

A number of levels are two-dimensional platform levels as opposed to the majority of the pseudo-3D levels where freer movement is permitted.

The fifth level consists of driving the Batmobile in a chase scene where Batman must chase bikers and a heavily armed van from the gang.

In order to defeat them, the Batmobile uses a machine gun.

Batman SNES Collection – Adventures of Batman and Robin


Move = Arrow Keys

Use Selected Item = Z

Jump = X

Punch = S

Cycle through Items = A

Start/Pause = Enter

Excerpt from Wikipedia:

The Adventures of Batman & Robin is a series of video game adaptations released between 1994 and 1995 featuring the DC Comics characters Batman and Robin based on Batman: The Animated Series (which had been retitled The Adventures of Batman and Robin for its second season).

The games were released for numerous platforms, with the Genesis, Game Gear, and Sega CD versions published by Sega while the Super NES version was published by Konami (who also produced an earlier Game Boy video game based on the show).

The Super NES version is developed and published by Konami.

Each level consists of an episode that is loosely based on those from the animated series, taking Batman to an amusement park and other places where supercriminals do their work.

The soundtrack was written by Konami Kukeiha Club members Kazuhiko Uehara, Harumi Ueko, Jun Funahashi, Masanari Iwata, Masahiko Kimura, Kayo Fujitani, and Masahiro Ikariko.

For the most part, it’s an action-adventure platformer in which the player controls Batman, and follows him to the end of each stage, where a villain is set to appear.

Some of the more common features in the game is the possibility to equip with different gadgets, such as bombs and x-ray lenses.

The gadgets are in some cases essential to complete some stages.

The player can return to the Batcave in order to re-equip the gadgets and restart a stage with all the lives accumulated up to that point (in case the player had lost lives).

The game features passwords, which leaves the player in the last played stage.

The passwords also take count of the number of lives remaining and the continues used.

Passwords cannot be used in hard difficulty, which means that the game must be completed from the beginning.

Completion of the hard mode rewards the player with a special ending.

Batman SNES Collection – Batman Forever


Move = Arrow Keys

Low Kick = Z

High Kick = A

Low Punch = X

High Punch = S

Block = D

Start/Pause = Enter

Excerpt from Wikipedia:

Batman Forever is a beat ’em up video game based on the movie of the same name.

The player plays as either Batman or Robin.

There is also a fighting game mode called “training mode” where the player can play as Batman, Robin, or any of the enemies found throughout the game against either a computer-controlled opponent, against a second player, or cooperatively against two computer opponents.

The controls are largely based on move lists and key sequences.

Some gadget moves involve moving away from the enemy right before pressing a punch or kick button.

The gadget list is selected by the player each level, with three standard gadgets for each character and two gadgets selected from a list.

There are also four hidden “blueprint” gadgets.

There are two kinds of Co-op modes in Batman Forever.

Players chose between Batman or Robin.

In one mode, Batman and Robin work together and cannot harm each other, although they share credits.

In another mode, however, Batman and Robin can attack each other, but still need to look out for enemies and have separate credit counts.

Although the Super NES and Genesis/Mega Drive versions of the game are very similar, the Super NES version had superior graphics and sound.

Batman SNES Collection – Batman Prototype


Move = Arrow Keys

Kick = Z

Punch = X

Jump = A

Debug Mode = Spacebar (Pause and then unpause to come of it)

Start/Pause = Enter

Excerpt from SNES Central:

The game itself is in a very incomplete state, probably alpha.

The game consists of two stages, plus an introductory screen that is the same for both levels.

The gameplay is largely in the style of Final Fight, though the look and feel is much different from Software Creations’ other superhero beat-em-ups, Maximum Carnage and The Tick.

The sprites are very large, but aside from Batman, very undetailed and incomplete.

The Joker makes an appearance at the end of the first stage, but the attack and damage sprites are identical to the other enemies of the game, albeit in a glitched form.

The background of stage one is actually not too bad, though stage two, the enemy sprites kind of blend in with the background.

The game has no sound, and the controls are rudimentary (the enemies do not get knocked back when hit, making it simple for them to gang up on you).

At the very least, if you run out of health, you do not die.

Batman SNES Collection – Batman: Revenge of the Joker Prototype


Move = Arrow Keys

Shoot = S

Jump = X

Start/Pause = Enter

Excerpt from SNES Central:

Batman: Revenge of the Joker was going to be released by Sunsoft in 1992.

The company that developed it was Icom Simulations.

It was commercially released on the NES (as Return of the Joker) and Genesis, but not the SNES, even though appears to be finished.

This game appears to be complete, though it becomes evident very quickly as to why it was likely not released.

Probably the best comparison of the gameplay would be Total Recall, though that might be a bit unfair as it is probably beatable.

The game is a platform shooter, with a couple of side-scrolling shooter levels thrown in.

The extreme difficulty and poor level design hampers what could have been a worthy upgrade of the original NES game.

Level Passwords:

Stage 2 (password: DNCN)
Stage 3 (password: MCHT)
Stage 4 (password: DDPP)
Stage 5 (password: LDRN)
Stage 6 (password: KLTT)
Stage 7 (password: CRLB)
Stage 8 (password: LKCM)
Stage 9 (password: DVWH)
Stage 10 (password: TTKR)
Stage 11 (password: BTMR)
Stage 12 (password: VNGF)

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