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In this role playing game, you play as an adventurous little baby, and get to explore the big wide world around you.

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Despite the title, their is no actual quest or objective to this game, other than exploring, finding new areas and hearing what people have to say for themselves.

Baby Quest Controls

Either use the mouse to move to the desired area or use the arrow keys on your keyboard.

You may need to click on the game screen with the mouse cursor once before the arrow keys will work

Talking and moving to new places is automatic once you are touching the area. There might be a slight delay with loading the new areas in the world as you travel around.

To play in full screen – click the green shovel icon in the top left corner to enter edit mode and then press the button with the 4 arrows pointing away. Click the shovel icon again to exit edit mode and play. While in edit mode,
feel free to mess around and place new objects around to try make your own version of the game.

The making of baby quest

RPG PLAYGROUND was used to create this game. It is free to use and it is still being developed. At the moment there is no combat system or chance to use your own sprites, but hopefully that will appear in future updates.

The system is simple to use, so if you are interested in making your own RPG and you don’t have any programming experience, then I highly recommend giving this a try.

Hints and tips

This game is all about exploring and talking to everyone. You can’t die in it or complete it.

There is a total of 24 different scenes in this game. Can you find them all?

Legend says there is a small glade wher

e the faeries live.

There is a way to get to that dragon on top of the circus area. Try approaching from a different area.

Thank you very much for playing.


Share this quest with your friends...