25 Most DIFFICULT Actors To Work With

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25 Most DIFFICULT Actors To Work With

Can you guess which are the actors most difficult to work with? These actors are extremely demanding (some might even say entitled). We bet your favorite actor is on this list! These are the 25 actors most difficult to work with.

You could say it comes with the job, but some actors make acting a difficult job profession. Whether it’s because these actors demand everything imaginable or they can’t control their temper, the actors on this list don’t make good co-workers. Check out the actors most people don’t want to work with (and our photo credits and sources) and let us know in the comments below if your favorite actor was on this list:


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You will be shocked to learn of some of the most difficult actors in Hollywood mainly because they seem to be so nice on screen. Take Val Kilmer for example who has been called “childish and impossible”. Then there’s Charlie Sheen whose antics and creative demands on Two and a Half Men got him fired. Even Edward Norton is known for his creative control problem, which led him to lose his role as the Hulk. We can almost guarantee you’re going to find an actor you like on this list! These are 25 actors most difficult to work with.

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