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Hi there!

Welcome to the realm of ProjectGlaive, a video game fantasy themed blog filled with stories, games and videos… and anything else I can think of.

There are a few easter eggs, messages and secrets hidden in this realm. Can you find any of them?

New content updated regularly so please check back here often.

Signed by
Ninja Kendog Prendergast

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crown-coinPress Start
The Press Start page is the main home page. It lists the newest quests, items and activities from the site. It also gives a small introduction from Prendergast.

It is also this page you are currently in.

crown-coinRespawn Quests
Check out all the quests from this realm or simply check out the latest quests from these categories:

crown-coin Open Treasure Chests
Open the Treasure Chest to play random embeded games from around the internet

crown-coin Join Guild Chat
Check to see the latest gaming news or entertainment from around the world

crown-coin Enchantment Store
Show us some love and buy some official merchandise, while stocks last!

crown-coinCampaign Map
This map shows you all the useful and interesting links to other websites.

tutorialTutorial Mode
An about page and contact us page all in one. Useful for new visitors to the realm or if you need to tell me something.

These are exclusive games created or customized by that you can play and find out how they were made.

These are unique stories and written works of fiction featuring characters from

These are games and hacks that I like, found on the internet and playable through this site

These contain useful information, ideas or codes. Normally things that I have discovered while trying to make something for the other categories.

These are all videos from projectglaive’s YouTube channel and include Let’s Plays’, fake alternative movie scenes and random silliness.

These are quests that don’t really belong under the other categories. Includes soundboards and interviews.

Update Notes

No hidden messages here

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