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[private role=”visitor-only”]You have arrived in a strange new realm.

This wasn’t what you were expecting at all.

Before you even get the chance to leave, you notice that a weird looking cloaked man is now standing in front of you, with flames unnaturally emanating from his hands.

“The prophesies described one such as yourself. The one sent from the Interweb to save us all”

He thrusts a small guide book in your hand and stares at you expectantly.[/private]

[private role=”subscriber”]

You have returned to the realm of ProjectGlaive.

The weird looking cloaked man flashes you a smile and walks over to you.

Flames are still emanating from his hands and you are genuinely surprised he hasn’t burnt his beard off yet.

It is not even singed in the slightest.

“Welcome back. I am glad the Chosen One has decided to return back to us. This one remains hopeful”

He stares at you expectantly and nods at the small guide book he gave you earlier.[/private]

What should you do next?

Menu Screen

Open anything you have in your backpack and also check out what badges, gold coins and experience points you have earned (This is available for Logged In Characters only)

Watch amazing videos from the ProjectGlaive guild and then watch other amazing videos from different amazing guilds. It’s amazing. #amazing.

Play exclusive games created by ProjectGlaive and amazing hacked ROMS found around the Interweb

Read stories, interviews, lists and gaming ideas from ProjectGlaive

This is filled with tutorials, guides and (for some reason) soundboards with optional downloadable files.

Play a large collection of web games. Earn a high score to earn Gold Coins and Experience Points

Travel to other mysterious and useful realms and see what else this interweb thingy has to offer.

Examine the Tutorial Mode and discover new secrets. Very useful to new heroes of the realm.

Treasure Card of the Day

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